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Cybersecurity for everyone

Cybersecurity is a huge subject covering a large part of IT (if not all of it really) and it sounds a bit scary. What’s scarier is ignoring it and then falling foul of the bad stuff and potentially losing everything on your device(s). I’m here to help you navigate some of the ideas and get you working more safely on the internet.

The principles of cybersecurity are just ways of making oneself as safe as possible on the internet – so that means all of us! Over the years I have attended many clients and done my best to pick up the pieces, and one of the things most have in common is that they have no backups of their important files, photos etc. That’s part of cybersecurity.

I have dealt with many malware issues over that time and often it is because people don’t have antivirus software or it’s out of date. That’s part of cybersecurity.

I’ve reset people’s passwords and more often than not they are very weak or they use the same password for everything. That’s part of cybersecurity.

The list goes on.

It’s very easy to say that hackers won’t be interested in you – wrong! Hackers can be interested in personal information on a computer for all sorts of purposes such as fraud and identity theft. They can also be interested in your undefended machine to then use it to launch attacks on other machines. In short, they ARE interested in YOU whether you are an individual or a business and we are all vulnerable.

I’m here to give you advice and helpful training on ways to stay safer on the internet during these changing times.